We strive to invest in, learn, and utilize the most advanced dental techniques and technologies. Our dentists believe it is our responsibility to provide patients with the latest dental technology to help them achieve their goals. With new technology, we can often perform many dental procedures more effectively, reducing treatment and recovery time, minimizing side effects, and ultimately achieving more precise results.


cerec-dentistryCEREC® is an in-house technology for creating custom porcelain crowns, bridges, implant restorations, inlays and onlays, and other treatments for reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry procedures. With CEREC®, our dentists utilize 3D computer software to capture unique images of your mouth. We can then use these images along with a milling unit to create your customized restorations right in our office. CEREC® often allows us to complete a process that used to take weeks in just one office visit!


We use the latest in cosmetic filling technology to place higher quality fillings without bubbles or gaps. The SonicFill™ device uses vibrations to thoroughly fill cavities without voids, improving the long-term health of your teeth.


With Isodry® technology, we can protect your tongue and cheek from excess water during treatment as well as prevent debris from old fillings from going down your throat. By isolating the teeth and protecting you, we can reduce treatment time and offer improved, longer-lasting results. Isodry® provides the dry environment needed to achieve optimal results, especially with cosmetic work.

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